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Frequently Asked Questions
1.When will I be paid? 
    When you become a member of our dream by sponsoring me, you put yourself in position to earn money even when you are asleep. You will begin receiving payment when a product is launched, licensed, or sold.
2. How much will I be paid?
    This depends on the level of your support and the amount the products generate.
3. Do you already have ideas to work on?
   Yes! electronic, mechanical and software consumer products and more!
4. What product areas do you focus on?
    I mainly focus on consumer products that would appeal to 10 million people or above.
5. What is the criteria for ideas that you work on?
     The product must have mass appeal and fit in the $9 - $199 price range.
6. Do you use 3rd party workers to realize the ideas?
   Yes, I have contact with PCB designers, Mechanical Engineers, Software Developers, Industrial designers, and many more.
7. How do you aim to get the products to market?
    My course for getting products into the market is through Contract manufacturing, licensing the products to established manufacturers, and "As Seen On TV" product launches. 
8. What percentage of your earnings on developed products do your sponsors get?
  Since we'll all be in this together, my sponsors will receive 10% of my earnings on products up until 10% of my earnings from the products reaches 100 million dollars cumulatively. All products after that are not part of this agreement. Keep in mind, there is no way to gauge how well a product will sell. The products that cause 10% of my earnings to reach 100 million dollars can go on to reach beyond that amount. The sponsors still get the benefit of that particular product's earnings no matter how high it goes.
9. How do I calculate the payout amount I will receive after successful products?
   You take the amount of money that 10% of my earnings equates to (0 - 100 million). Divide that number by the number of total blocks available (200). Then multiply it times the sponsor payout factor (0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8) that you personally are sponsoring me with. You can chose more than one block if you wish.
      Example: 10,000,000 / 200 x 0.8= $40,000 per year
10. How many blocks are available on each level? 
There are 50 Bronze Sponsor Levels
               50 Silver Sponsor Levels
               50 Gold Sponsor Levels
               50 Platinum Sponsor Levels
11. Can I choose more than one block and one level?
   Yes! Choose as many blocks as you can afford, but once all of the blocks are gone, that's it, the door will be closed.
12. Are we guaranteed to make money? 
     No, nothing is guaranteed. We are all taking a chance to do something bigger. Markets, patents and sales may vary but we will forge ahead to see what we can accomplish together.
13. What is the cut-off for payouts? 
     Since products have a life cycle, the pay outs will continue from the cumulative product's earnings that allow 10% of my income to reach the $100,000,000 mark. Should 10% of the product earnings surpass the $100 million dollar mark, my sponsors will reap the full benefit of the products that allowed my earnings to reach that level up until the life cycle of those products end. Any products developed after 10% of my earnings reach 100 million will be off limits and not part of this agreement. At the end of the product's life cycle payouts will cease. Note: product life cycles can be anywhere from 1 - 20 years and beyond. 
14. How long do I have to provide the monthly sponsorship payment? 
    This is a club. The payment is considered dues. Sponsors will pay the dues until you want to get out. At which time, any products with filed patents between the sponsor's "BEGIN SPONSORING DATE" and their "END SPONSORING DATE" will be eligible for payments but any filed patents outside that date range will not. Or they can continue to sponsor me for more product earning opportunities up to 10% cumulatively reaching  $100,000,000. Once this is reached, all dues stop. You can see that this could reach a $125 mo. (in) and $5,000 mo. or more (out) scenario as products are launched.
15. How long is a product's life cycle?
    Products can have life cycles as low as 1 year and as high as 20 years and beyond. So, if you're paid, for example, $30,000 per year, that could be paid out 1 year or once a year for 20 years or more.
16. What happens if I stop supporting you prior to any products being commercialized? 
     That's a tough one. First, unfortunately, you would lose your place in the group with no refund. The sponsorship blocks that you were supporting will be added back to the pool of available blocks for purchase by others. You would only be eligible to receive payments from products that patents had been filed between your "BEGIN SPONSORING DATE" and your "END SPONSORING DATE"
17. What happens if I stop sponsoring you after one or two products have been commercialized and are earning money? 
  First if you stop sponsoring, your sponsorship blocks would be returned into the pool of available blocks to purchase. Secondly, you would only be eligible for payments from product ideas that patent filings were filed in between your "BEGIN SPONSORING DATE" and your "END SPONSORING DATE".  Any products with patent filing dates before or after that window of time would not be beneficial to you. 
18. What are the things that impact launching of products? 
    There are several things that impact the success of products.  The market size, patent-ability, distribution, manufacturing costs vs sales price, timing, and other factors.
19. How will you keep your sponsor informed of your activity?
     Each sponsor will automatically be enrolled in my monthly newsletter "The Crew". The newsletter will be used to inform you of progress, notify you of patent filings, and just keep you abreast of any changes and updates.  This will allow sponsors to remain informed about what is going on and the stages of projects.
20. Do you provide proof of monthly payments coming from me?
      You will receive a dated email receipt from Paypal upon payment. You should save these receipts for your records and proof of payment.